Portrait info


The Ellington 

The Ellington is a museum like art piece full of richness, charm, and elegance. These art pieces are created through the pairing of a photograph with the distinct richness of an oil painting.  

Rona Leah uses classic artistry methods to create an original piece of art for each client. The highest standards of artistry go into making your Ellington portrait from the finest canvas to the most exquisite and lavish hand painting to bring out the most subtle of detail and enhancements. Reminiscent of the old world masters yet with the realism of likeness only a photograph can capture, an Ellington is a uniquely splendid treasure to own. A hand painted art piece that is truly a gift of heritage to your family. 


The Classic American 

The Fine Art photograph with its sense of refinement is for the lover of pure photography. 

Like baseball and apple pie, having a photographic portrait made is a beloved American tradition. Dating back to the daguerreotype. Photographs that can be touched and handed down, connect a family's generations. As with the Ellington, Rona Leah uses the same fine care to make your Classic American portraits. The artistry is unique and the master printing is on the finest of papers in color or black and white. 

Your portrait creation 

Rona Leah works with you and designs to suit your tastes and preferences with a variety of finishes and styles she offers.  


Professional styling so you look your best. 

For many, this becomes the most treasured portrait they will possess in a lifetime. To create an exquiste piece of art, Rona Leah's expeirence and natural eye has taught her what works best and is timeless. Styling is a courtesy she extends to all of her clients.