Fine Portrait Atelier 

Rona Leah accepts commissions for Oil Paintings and Fine Art Photographs as a single piece or part of a collection. 

A Studio sitting 

Rona Leah conducts most camera studies in her studio. She keeps a small collection of elegant furniture and other pieces for use in the creation of your portraiture. She cultivates a professional yet relaxing environment that is welcoming to both adults and children alike.  

She is a classic fine art portraitist creating uniquely rich and charming luxury art pieces.  

Portraiture is a very intimate thing to create for someone, Rona Leah feels that if exceptionally done, it can change the way a person sees themselves. That is very inspiring. A beautiful portrait can nourish the soul, give children confidence, connect families, and bring joy to a home. 

Her attention to detail makes for an art piece that is very personal and special to each of her clients. They delight in them for years to come.